Smart City API, ServiceMap API, Sii-Mobility Km4City API, Online user manual


ServiceMap is a service and tool to pose geographic queries and see the knowledge base produced by the harvesting process based on Km4City model that includes: Street Graph from Tuscany region, Open Data from Florence Municipality, traffic monitoring, geo and weather forecast information from LAMMA, traffic sensors, services, events, parkings, real time of busses, from Florence Municipaity, etc. Some of these data provide real time information as the status of the busses on the bus lines in Florence (see Lines: 4, 17 and 6), parking sensors in Florence and Empoli, traffic sensors in Florence and Empoli, events, and the weather forecast in Tuscany. The ServiceMap accesses to an RDF Store based on Km4City ontology and model.

Service map API can be very useful for shortening the time for developers that want to realize Web or Mobile Apps, exploiting  the km4city data. As a service, different kinds of queries can be saved from the ServiceMap when you find the icon disk . They are located on Services, Weather panel, selection panel and on the general web page. Them, click them and fill the form, thus the servicemap will perform two issues (1) save the query performed in a database for your further reuse, (2) send to you an email with a set of links, which are the specific REST calls that you can use to invoke the ServiceMap API from Web and Mobile applications to obtain the service you requested.
In addition, it is possible to take the service map and put in a third party web page by using the embedded funcionality that can be activated by the icon on the lower right corner: . See an example of Embedding for the services close to DISIT Lab from this link.

Data can be provided to Km4City in any format. please send an email to km4city@disit.org
if you need to sign some agreement for providing your data to DISIT and Km4City and thus to see your data integrated in the services, please be sure that your data access and usage conditions will be satisfied/addressed. A version of the data access agreement is accessible to be used as a starting point to finalize the agreement. In alternative, we can sign your data provider agreement as well.

The call received by email will be different according to the icon you have selected, requesting: Services, Weather panel, selection panel and on the gernal web page. You can copy past these links into your application shortening the programming time, since the REST call or query are visually programmed. You can avoid learning SPARQL query language. You can develop applications that can contains queries that can be directly updated by you on ServiceMap without redeploying the application on the mobile market. To see more on this, and access to an open source example please go to the demonstrative application of FODD2015. The provided mobile app source code can be used on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerri, etc. You can access to the RDF Store model for Km4City via the browsers http://log.disit.org .