• km4city, the Knowledge Model 4 the City
    km4city, the Knowledge Model 4 the City; smart city ontology
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  • DISIT Lab overview: smart city, big data, semantic computing, cloud
    Smart City • Projects: http://www.disit.org/5501 – Sii-Mobility, http://www.sii-mobility.org – Service Map: http://servicemap.disit.org – Social Innovation: Coll@bora http://www.disit.org/5479 ...
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  • DISIT Lab: Data Intelligence, Systems and Internet Technologies Lab
    Social Media and e-Learning Projects: http://www.disit.org/5501 ECLAP, http://www.eclap.eu Others: ApreToscana, IUF.csavri.org, SMNET, etc.. Others: AXMEDIS, VARIAZIONI, etc. Tools: ...
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  • Corso KMaPS: Smart City and Km4City @ DISIT Lab
    Smart City Concepts Architecture of Smart City Infrastructures Peripheral processors Data ingestion and mining Reasoning and Deduction Data Acting processors SmartCity Project Coll@bora SmartCity ...
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  • DISIT Lab: Orientamento in Itinere , Ottobre
    DISIT Lab: Orientamento in Itinere , Ottobre attivita' primarie DISIT lab - Data Analytics Big data - Social Media, e-learning - Text and Web Mining - Mobile Computing - Smart Cities - Smart Cloud ...
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  • SCP Corso: Anatomy of Social Networks
    Experience grounded on … ECLAP Objective and overview Networking & Tools Content Kind Content Indexing and search Content Aggregation Content Management Social Network Architecture Scalability
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  • Corso SCP: Big Data Stores and Tools
    What is Big Data 5V of Big Data CAP Principle Big Data Application Fields Big Data Problems, Criticality and Risk NoSQL Big Data Analysis Pipeline Big Data Solutions
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  • Corso SCP: Smart City: data ingestion and mining
    Smart City: data ingestion and mining. from open data to triples, OD 2 RDF, OD and PD, static and Dynamic OD, Problemi architetturali, esempi concreti, massive data mining and crawling, ...
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  • programma FODD 2015
    FODD- Firenze Open Data Day 21/02/2015 SALONE DE’ DUGENTO – Palazzo Vecchio Piazza della Signoria, 1 Firenze http://www.disit.org/fodd Agenda OPEN DATA SUL TERRITORIO FIORENTINO: UN'ECCELLENZA ...
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  • Codice Sorgente FODD2015. Android e iOS, update Sett 2015
    Licenza e termini d’uso Questa applicazione ha carattere meramente dimostrativo, ed è stata sviluppata per l’evento FODD 2015 dal DISIT Lab (http://www.disit.dinfo.unifi.it) con l’obiettivo di ...
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