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  • Corso BigDataArc: Container Docker
    Container Docker
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  • Corso BigData Arc: data analytic
    Data Analytics: Examples from Snap4City Smart parking: Predictions Smart Bike Sharing User Behavior Analysis, via Wi-Fi, OD, trajectories Recognition of Used Transportation means Traffic Flow ...
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  • Corso BigDataArc: DataLake vs Data Ware House
    Corso BigDataArc: DataLake vs Data Ware House
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  • Poster Progetto FEEDBACK
    FEEDBACK intende investire nell’innovazione di prodotti CRM-retail per evolvere verso una profilazione avanzata degli utenti e dei prodotti per uno user engagement adattivo e personalizzato: • ...
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  • Poster Progetto MOSAiC
    Poster Progetto Regione Toscana MOSAiC, POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I, AZIONE 1.1.5. Il progetto MOSAiC si pone l’obiettivo di analizzare, implementare e sperimentare nuove soluzioni Mobility 4.0, ...
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  • test
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  • How to build a custom panel in Banana. Tutorial
    Descrizione Banana is a data visualization tool that uses Solr for data analysis and display. Data display in Banana is based on dashboards, which contain rows of panels that implement the ...
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  • DISCES User Manual
    A typical major requirement in a Smart City/Cloud environment consists of an engine for distributed task scheduling. In this context, DISIT lab developed an efficient solution for Smart management ...
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  • ETL and Console of the Virtual Machine - User Manual
    This manual exposes techniques and guidelines for the implementation of a good data acquisition process to enrich the knowledge base that is the basis of several national (SiiMobility, ...
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  • Node-RED dashboard user manual
    Node-RED is a visual wiring tool for the Internet of Things. A project of the JS Foundation (https://js.foundation/). Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and ...
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