ECLAP Linked Open Data, LOD

ECLAP provides linked open data URIs for:

  • content (http://www.eclap.eu/resource/object/<axoid>)
  • taxonomy terms (http://www.eclap.eu/resource/term/<termid>)
  • groups (http://www.eclap.eu/resource/group/<groupid>)
  • users (http://www.eclap.eu/resource/user/<userid>)
  • annotations (http://www.eclap.eu/resource/annotation/<annot.id>)

Most of the LOD are also accessible on ECLAP by using the so called Social Graph in the home page of each user. Via the Social Graph, any user may navigate among the several relationships established among, content, users, annotations, vip names via dpPedia and location via GeoNames. The SocialGraph of each user is accessible from citation of that user into the content metadata, see for example the social graph of Paolo Nesi.


The ECLAP LOD URI for a content:


e.g., http://www.eclap.eu/resource/object/urn:axmedis:00000:obj:04e0caef-b33b-4f4a-ba50-a80d96766192 (via Q&D RDF browser)

The ECLAP LOD for a taxonomy term:


e.g., http://www.eclap.eu/resource/term/501 (via Q&D RDF browser)

The ECLAP LOD for a group:

http://www.eclap.eu/resource/group/<group id>

e.g., http://www.eclap.eu/resource/group/3160 (via Q&D RDF browser)

The ECLAP LOD for a user:

http://www.eclap.eu/resource/user/<user id>

e.g., http://www.eclap.eu/resource/user/1 (via Q&D RDF browser)

The ECLAP LOD for an annotation:

http://www.eclap.eu/resource/annotation/<annotation id>

e.g., http://www.eclap.eu/resource/annotation/SideAnnotation_1301074829_304411000 (via Q&D RDF browser)

Please note that these URLs are not simple links that can be used by a normal web browser. If they are used in that manner they bring the user to see the ECLAP content/term and not the LOD. They have been modified (as described in the following) to be used mediated by a web based RDF browser such as the Quick and Dirty RDF browser which  provides an RDF description of the content. The result is shown in the following figure with a smaller examples.

In details, in the following, you can see the two examples of above with the ECLAP LOD and the links to see them as LOD by using the Q&D RDF browser.

http://www.eclap.eu/resource/term/501 (via Q&D RDF browser)
that is

http://www.eclap.eu/resource/object/urn:axmedis:00000:obj:04e0caef-b33b-4f4a-ba50-a80d96766192 (via Q&D RDF browser)
that is:

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