DISIT activities history of projects and contracts, from 1997 to 2016

The following image reports the main activities (projects and contracts) of DISIT from the 1997 up to the 2014. Other activities have been omitted, as direct contracts with industries (such as those with SED, DElectron, Elexa, etc.), former EC projects (such as OFCOMP), and many organized international conferences such as: CSMR, IEEE ICSM, IEEE ICECCS, ICT2014, DMS, WEDELMUSIC, OQ, AXMEDIS, ECLAP, etc., and National/local events as FODD2015, Smart City and Big data 2015, etc. 

1) progetti commissione europea
2) progetti ministeriali, fondi MIUR, MISE
3) linee di ricerca e progetti interni
4) progetti della regione toscana
5) IFTS, didattica
6) collaborazioni internazionali
7) convenzioni conto terzi

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