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  • A Knowledge Base Driven Solution for Smart Cloud Management
    The complexity of Cloud infrastructures is increasing every year, requiring new concepts and tools to face off topics such as: -process configuration and reconfiguration, -automatic scaling, ...
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  • ICARO Cloud Final review meeting
    Accelerazione del Business in modo semplice ed immediato soluzione di produzione del business, configurazione automatica algoritmi per la valutazione di modelli di costo e di business sistema ...
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  • Smart Cloud Engine and Solution based on Knowledge Base
    Presented at: Cloud Forward 2015, October 6-8 Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore Complexity of cloud infrastructures needs models and tools for process management, con?guration, scaling, elastic ...
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  • ICARO Cloud Simulator Exploiting Knowledge Base
    Allocation changes on cloud are complex and time consuming tasks, on cloning, scaling, etc. A solution to cope with these aspects is to perform a simulation. Cloud simulators have been proposed to ...
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    Modeling cloud knowledge can be the basis for enabling a large range of reasoning applications. The modeling of cloud knowledge base includes ontologies for cloud model representation at level of ...
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  • Master MABIDA: Cloud Computing
    Elements of cloud Computing Virtualization Cloud Computing High Availability vSphere Infrastructure Security on the Cloud Conversions among VM and physical machines vCenter, datacenters and ...
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