Snap4City: scalable Smart aNalytic APplication builder for sentient Cities


scalable Smart aNalytic APplication builder for sentient Cities



Smart Cities need to set up a flexible Living Lab to cope with the city evolution in terms of services and city users’ needs and capabilities. To this end, the Snap4City solution provides a flexible method and solution to quickly create a large range of smart city applications exploiting heterogeneous data and stakeholder services also enabled by IOT/IOE technologies and big data analytic. In that context, smart city applications need to support multiple paradigms as data driven, stream and batch processing, reporting in the hands of: Smart Living Lab users, a set of solutions to develop applications without vendor lock-in, for final users personalized tools and mobile Apps, and to decision makers and developers specialized dashboards.

Snap4City has been proposed in response to Select4Cities challenges and PCP (http://www.select4cities.eu/ ). Select4Cities has proposed a number of functional and non-functional requirements and concepts.

From Select4Cities web site: “Launched by the cities of Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki, the PCP process is different to traditional methods as it is run through a series of three competitive phases, with the number of participating organisations reducing, but funding levels increasing, as each phase is evaluated. The competitive nature challenges industry from the demand side to develop innovative solutions for public sector needs, whilst enabling procurers to compare alternative potential solution approaches to filter out the best possible solutions that the market can deliver.”


All the expected requirements and much more is satisfied by Snap4City solution which is fully open source, support cloud and scalability for processing and IOT/IOE, respect user needs and privacy according to the different user kinds, provide tools and community for co-creation; mixt data driven, stream and batch processing; it is fully based on microservices and using easily replaceable tools. Snap4City solution has been designed to be scalable, flexible, safe and respectful of privacy, endowed of a powerful semantic reasoner based on Km4City multi-domain semantic model and tools (http://www.km4city.org ). A special attention is provided to enable the development of applications in multiple domains and not only on mobility and transport, tourism, health, welfare, social, etc.


The innovative aspects of the Snap4City solution are related to semantic computing of entities for discovering and search information, resources management, parallel and distributed computing and cloud management, applications based on microservices and external services, dashboard and development tool kits, etc. The proposed solution is flexible enough to support extensions at different levels of granularity: data, analytics, tools and applications.


Hugo Goncalves, Project Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki, said: "We have seen outstanding solution development in this PCP. Entrance to Phase II was tough and the successful contractors all impressed the Buyers Group by going above and beyond expectations, showing that their solutions not only meet complex technical standards and requirements but also a variety of end-user needs. In this first year of the competition, the innovation levels are very strong, and all of our contractors should be immensely proud of what they have achieved so far."


Phase II which officially began on the 15 December 2017 is expected to end in June 2018, after which selected contractors will be asked to bid for Phase III Living Labs testing on the ground.


DISIT lab of UNIFI (http://www.disit.org ) coordinates the Snap4City solution with the support of UNIMI and EffectiveKnowledge.



European Commission Affiliation

​Select4City project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688196. Please note that this website represents the view of the SELECT for Cities project and that the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains. 




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