• i-Maestro: Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching for Music
    This paper presents a project called i-Maestro (www.i-maestro.org) which develops interactive multimedia environments for technology enhanced music education. The project explores novel solutions ...
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  • New services for the public in a technology-related approach: the AXMEDIS project inside a museum of musical instruments
    Museums are recently landed to the use of the information technology with wide applications: from digitalisation of their contents to use of the audioguide. Now ‘multimedia museums market’ is ...
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  • DISIT Lab: Data Intelligence, Systems and Internet Technologies Lab
    Social Media and e-Learning Projects: http://www.disit.org/5501 ECLAP, http://www.eclap.eu Others: ApreToscana, IUF.csavri.org, SMNET, etc.. Others: AXMEDIS, VARIAZIONI, etc. Tools: ...
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  • Corso SCP: Sistemi di protezione, parte 1b, 2014-2015
    Apple I-Tune DRM Definizioni AnalogHole, Triple Play, Quadruple play, Super-distribution Architettura AXMEDIS overview Package MPEG-21 e AXMEDIS AXMEDIS, NewsML, MXF Intelligent content, Behavior ...
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  • DISIT Lab: Orientamento in Itinere , Ottobre
    DISIT Lab: Orientamento in Itinere , Ottobre attivita' primarie DISIT lab - Data Analytics Big data - Social Media, e-learning - Text and Web Mining - Mobile Computing - Smart Cities - Smart Cloud ...
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  • Corso SCP: Internet Advertising
    Internet Advertising Why Advertising Business models and Advertising Consumer analysis TV Advertising Magazine Advertising Internet Advertising Measures Other Business Models with ...
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  • Multiple Screen Demonstrator
    Multiple Screen Demonstrator
                       Multiple screen demonstrator is an example of usage of technology for smartTV, webTV and socialTV for connecting them with multiple screens on mobiles (tablets and smatphones, and also notebooks) while watching a video and chatting together.   The user watching a stream on smarttv, webtv and socialTv can connect another device by using a QR and start watching the video on the other screen. At this point it is also possible to migrate the video stream from a device to another and keep sinchronized multiple devices.... see the demonstrator http://www.disit.org/mscr This small tool and prototype has been developed by students with the support of DISIT personnel.
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  • Corso KMAPS: Social Media Technologies and Solutions, parte 6, 2015
    Collaborative systems -Definition and Terminology Social Network -Forrester Trend for Social Networking -Motivations for Social Networking -Application, classification of Social ...
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  • DISIT Lab: Orientamento in Itinere, triennali e magistrali
    n relazione alla giornata di orientamento, ciascun gruppo/laboratorio interessato a partecipare dovrebbe preparare una presentazione di una ventina di minuti che sviluppi i seguenti punti: - ...
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  • Corso Sistemi Distribuiti: PHP esercitazione parte I
    PHP esercitazione parte I
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