cloud monitoring

  • DISIT Lab: Orientamento in Itinere, triennali e magistrali
    n relazione alla giornata di orientamento, ciascun gruppo/laboratorio interessato a partecipare dovrebbe preparare una presentazione di una ventina di minuti che sviluppi i seguenti punti: - ...
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  • Km4City: From Data to Services for Sentient Cities, flyer
    Open Source and inter-operable tools to •keep city under control via personalized dashboards •monitoring services’ status of city operators •monitoring and understanding the city users ...
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  • ICARO Cloud Simulator Exploiting Knowledge Base
    Allocation changes on cloud are complex and time consuming tasks, on cloning, scaling, etc. A solution to cope with these aspects is to perform a simulation. Cloud simulators have been proposed to ...
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    Modeling cloud knowledge can be the basis for enabling a large range of reasoning applications. The modeling of cloud knowledge base includes ontologies for cloud model representation at level of ...
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  • Master MABIDA: Cloud Computing
    Elements of cloud Computing Virtualization Cloud Computing High Availability vSphere Infrastructure Security on the Cloud Conversions among VM and physical machines vCenter, datacenters and ...
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  • Corso Sistemi Distribuiti: IOT Solutions
    IOT concepts High vs Low level protocols Cloud vs Fog/Edge Computing IOT Middleware IOT conceptual architecture IOT communication patterns IOT stack protocols IOT Brokers Comparing high level ...
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