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  • Keynote Speakers, 2014
    Keynote Speakers, 2014
    Keynote Speakers Levent Burak Kara, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
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    Scope The Book Series/Journal of Sentient Multimedia Systems (JSMS) is intended to be a forum for researchers, practitioners and developers to exchange ideas and research results, for the advancement of sentient multimedia systems, which are distributed systems capable of actively interacting with the environment by gathering, processing, interpreting, storing and retrieving multimedi
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  • A History of DMS Conferences
    A History of DMS Conferences
    ISSN: 2326-3261 print, ISSN: 2326-3318 online (1990: Founding of the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing) 1. DMS1994 was held in Taipei, Taiwan (Proceedings: Table of Content)
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    AUTHOR GUIDELINES/INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING PROCEEDINGS MANUSCRIPTS AFTER PAPER ACCEPTANCE ======================================================================
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  • Program Committees, 2014
    Program Committees, 2014
    DMS'14 Conference Co-Chairs Paolo Nesi, University of Florence, Italy; conference co-chair Kia Ng, University of Leeds, UK; conference co-chair DMS'14 Program Co-Chairs Erland Jungert, Linkoping University, Sweden; Program Chair Wei Lu, Beijing Jiao Tung University, China; Program Co-Chair
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  • DMS2014 Call For Papers
    DMS2014 Call For Papers
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    There will be a joint demo/poster session of the 20th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems DMS 2014 in conjunction with 2014 International Workshop on Distance Education Technologies and 2014 International Workshop on Visual Languages and Computing. Demos/posters are invited for all areas covered by the main conference and the two workshops.
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  • Paolo Nesi's home page
    Paolo Nesi's home page
    Paolo Nesi is full professor at the University of Florence, working at DINFO, Depar
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  • DISIT Lab overview
    DISIT Lab overview
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  • Corsi DISIT Lab per l'Universita' degli studi di Firenze, ed altro
    Corsi DISIT Lab per l'Universita' degli studi di Firenze, ed altro
      Corsi per la Scuola di Ingegneria Big Data Architectures (P. Nesi) Security and Knowledge Management (P. Bellini) Knowledge Management Protection Systems, KMPS, (Knowledge Systems: Management and Protection), P. Nesi Sistemi Collaborativi e di Protezione, P. Nesi Sistemi Distribuiti, P. Nesi Sistemi Operativi, P. Bellini Fondamenti di Informatica, M. Paolucci Altri Corsi speciali Dottorato 2015: Knowledge mining and Semantic Models: from Cloud to Smart City, UNIFI DIST 2015, P. Nesi Master in Emergency: ICT for emergency management, P. Nesi Dottorato 2014: Estrazione e Deduzione della Conoscenza via Modelli Semantici: From Social Network to Smart City, P. Nesi Dottorato 2013: Semantic models and knowledge managment, P. Nesi   MABIDA Master in Big Data Analytics and Technologies for Management Pagina web del Master su UNIFI pagina su DISIT slide DISIT sul master MABIDA   Corsi per altre scuole Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni, Metodologia della Ricerca applicata, 2013-2014, Scuola di Medicina Data Intelligence, Corso di Perfezionamento Intelligence e Sicurezza Nazionale   Corsi IFTS PROGED   Corsi passati in varie Scuole e Facoltà Ingegneria del Software, per Ingegneria informatica Calcolatori Elettronici, per Ingegneria Fondamenti di Informatica, per Ingegneria. Metodologie informatiche per le discipline umanistiche Elementi di modellazione e programmazione di contenuti digitali LM43 Fondamenti di Informatica per Italianistica Basi di Dati. Programmazione e gestione di sistemi informatici  
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