RESOLUTE project has been completed, may 2018

Submitted by root on Mon, 2018-05-14 20:15

RESOLUTE (Http://www.resolute-eu.org  is based on the vision of achieving higher adaptive capacity of operations in European UTS, Urban Transport Systems. The project recognises foremost the on-going profound transformation of urban environments as well as the growing importance of mobility within every human activity. To this end, RESOLUTE considers resilience as a useful management paradigm, within which organisations are called to develop the ability to continuously adjust to ever-changing operational environments.
This led the creation of the European Resilience Management Guidelines (ERMG) and their UTS adaptations, aiming to support Critical Infrastructures (CI) in developing the capacities to sustain their adaptability. The ERMG is based on a systemic perspective where functions and the related interdependencies to hat should be implemented for a resilient CI to be resilient are systematized in a reference model. The ERMG provides recommendations on how to dampen function performance variability to continue delivering the desired outcome under any unexpected condition/event. The ERMGs have been operationalized on Florence UTS and Athens Metro where the following capacities have been enhanced through specific actions:
  • Monitoring: implementation of the Collaborative Resilience Assessment and Management Support System (CRAMSS) that, through the (Big) Data collection, sharing, mining and deduction displaying in real time, improves the communication, coordination and situation awareness among decision makers and first responders acting in the system.
  • Respond: implementation of the EvacuationDSS and Emergency Support Smart Mobile App for operators and citizens to guide evacuation in real timeaccording to the real time status of the system
  • Anticipate: Applying game based-trainings for citizens through the development of a game for training kids of primary school (more then 300 kids in the Florence primary schools have been trained) and a mobile app to enhance their preparedness in case of emergencies.
  • Learn: implementation of models and methods for people movement behaviour analysis, real time impact assessment, and resilience quantifications.