Mobile Content Organizer manages your content on mobiles and tablets

FOR general DISIT Tool with TRL, ready to be used in Innovation Actions as European Commission projects, see the specific page, here.
Content can be downloaded and used on a large range of mobile revices.

The Content Organizer is a tool that allows you to access, download and organize content from the portal into your mobile device. Once the content is downloaded into your mobile, you can manage it as your personal collection of content in the mobile device, search content, browse, get information, etc.

content on mobiles

Content Organizer for Smartphone and Tablets Mobiles .

The mobile devices supported are iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Windows Phone 7. Some differences are available on the different platforms. In the most powerful version, the Content Organizer may organize and play ePub, video, audio, cross media content, images, documents, pdf, etc. They may start download/play from QR code (see the technical metadata of each content), may access to content via GPS locations, my permit upload of content from your mobile, etc. It can be used to

Please send an email to info@disit.org to get developers informed about any kind of problem you may experience with.
In the following table, the map of functionalities with respect to the current distributed versions on the differen platforms is reported.
If you have would like to add someting in the wish list please send an email to info@disit.org .

Feature iPhone/iPad Windows Phone 7 Android
Download and Play Media      
Video and audio yes yes yes
PDF  documents yes yes yes
eBook as HTML5 yes (yes) no
Collection yes no no
image play with zoom yes yes yes
3D objects VRML in progress no no
download: multiple social networks yes yes yes
standard ePub ebooks yes no yes
rendering on beamer projector yes, via cable no yes
Content Metadata and Search      
multilingual metadata yes no yes
multilingual user interface yes yes yes
personal tagging insertion and navigation yes no no
navigation via taxomonies yes yes yes
navigation groups indexing yes yes yes
personal collection dynamic taxonomy yes yes yes
content search, query enabled yes yes yes
local suggestions and lists yes yes yes
Networking and User Engagement      
user Engagement yes yes no
Groups, Forum, messages yes yes yes
multiportal access (1) yes yes yes
direct upload on Social networks yes no yes, via browser
Event Engagement via White Rabbit (2) yes no no
Augmented Reality      
GPS located content yes yes yes
GPS total map of objects yes no yes
GPS based content activation yes no no
QR to content access/donwload yes yes yes
General Features      
configuration yes yes yes
recovering broken downloads yes no yes
Multiple SN login configuration yes no no-yes

(1): SMNET, DISIT.ORG, ECLAP FirstClass, APRETOSCANA, IUF.CSAVRI of UNIFI, MobileMedicine, Idraulica, ... (if you are interested to develop a compliant portal for the Content Organizer please ask for the documentation to Paolo Nesi, mailto:paolo.nesi@unifi.it ).
(2): a new DISIT Lab Application under beta testing now. Please ask to Paolo Nesi if you are interested to test it. (Paolo Nesi, mailto:paolo.nesi@unifi.it ).
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