ServiceMap: a Km4City front end development tool

Contributions (the following links works only from DISIT lab): pictures, and comments

Twitter Vigilance: monitoring your Twitter channels' sentiment and much more

Solr Index of Twitter Vigilance: monitoring your channel sentiment (only authorized)

FRAM: assessing and controlling resilience on smart city

Smart Decision System: controlling events and conditions on your smart city, Km4City tool

Linked Open Graph: development tool for multiple RDF store browsing and reasoning

Firenze Open Data Day 2015: event and tutorial on Florence Open Data, Km4City tool

Km4City home Page in English: back officer for smart city km4city development tools

Km4City Web Application for final users on Florence and Tuscany: http://www.km4city.org

Pannello di Controllo Enricher per Sinonimi su dbPedia, ECLAP verso Km4City, ed altri DB (only local access)

Smart City: Personal Recommender On Demand, Km4City tool (only local accessible)

FirenzeWiFi (solo Local accessible)

WiFi and Bluetooth Distribution Analysis Tool, power and distances, Km4City tool

WiFi and Bluetooth Distribution Analysis Tool: search and selection, Km4City tool

Km4City Distributed Smarty City Engine Scheduler, DISCES (only local accessible)

Km4City Dashboard su Firenze

Coll@bora Server mock-up: Logopedia tools for rehabilitation infrastructures

SPARQL editor for smart city, smart cloud, etc.

San Franscisco Origin Destination Maps for smart city analysis, Km4City tool

DISCES: Distributed Smart City/Cloud Engine Scheduler (accessible only Local, demo on Km4city)

RDF Index Manager, Data Ingestion Manager on Km4City (only Local accessible)

DISCES Cluster Monitoring (Accessible only Local), Smart City/Cloud Engine tool

OSIM: Open Space Innovative Mind, competence and knowledge modeling and indexing

www.ApreToscana.org, services for research and technology transfer, matchmaking Tuscany

WWW.ECLAP.ORG, performing art social network and bestpractice network

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