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Objects, Pages, Forums, Comments. The following form allows you to select in AND/OR a set of fields and for each of them provide a possible patter and string. Thus, each of the following fields may be string, date, etc. When the population of the values of a given field is smaller than 200, the possible values are offered in a list box to help the user in selecting possible value. When a date is formally produced by the portal a perfect semantic usage is possible, so that formal calendar is provided to define the time interval or the match, otherwise (the date is not formally consisten defined) thus a string should be inserted in searching for those dates.

Match any criteria or all in the search query

An alternative name given to the resource. Typically, an Alternative title will be a name by which the resource is alternatively referred and it is different from the formal Title. Any alternative title by which the original analog or born digital object is known. This can include abbreviations or translations of the title.