DISIT partners and clients

DISIT has offered services and collaborated with many important international research institutes and industries, among them:

Agreements with:

International customers and collaborations:

  • Large Industries: Alstom (Fr), BBC (UK), ELION Telecom (Estonia), EUTELSAT (France), Telecom Lithuania (Lithuania), PHILIPS (Netherlands), SWARCO Mizar, Thales (France), IBM, CISCO, HPE, Samsung, AttikoMetro (GR), etc.
  • Small industry: AEC (Netherlands), FNB/DEDICON (Netherlands), Germinus (Spain), MICA (Austria), OD2 (UK-US), ACIT (Germany), SDAE (Spain), Sejer Education (France), Sibelius Academy (Finland), SIBELIUS (UK), SYSTEMA (Greece), XIM (UK), and many others.
  • Research centers and Univ.: FHG Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), EPFL (Swiss),  ETRI (Korea), KTH (Sweden), NTUA (Greek), University City London (UK), University of Glasgow (UK), CERTH (GR), University of Leeds (UK), Peking University (Cina), University of Reading (UK), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain), University Pompeu Fabra (Spain), University of Amsterdam (The Netherland), IRCAM (France), University of Coventry (UK), Queen Mary University (UK), HUMANIST (FR), University of Lusofna (PT), etc.
  • Institutions: Sound and Vision (Netherlands), ESMAE (Portugal), ITB, etc.
  • Associations: ADI ISG (PT)
  • Foundations: Fundacion Albeniz (Spain), Fundacion Barcelona Media University Pompeu Fabra (Spain), Europeana (Belgium).
  • Public Administration: City of Bristol, City of San Sebastian, etc.


National/Italian customers and collaborations:

  • Large Industries: Leonardo, HP, BMG Ricordi, Computer Gross, Var Group, GIUNTI, TISCALI, IBM, Vodafone, Infogroup, Telecom Italia, RAI, Hewlett and Packard, Mizar SWARCO, ATAF, CISCO, ENEL Energia, Imama, ALTAIR, etc.
  • SME industries: MBI, ECM, LiberoLogico, TT Tecnosistemi, AltroLavoro, STRATEGICA, RIGEL, AFI, ELEXA, SED, SUGARMUSIC, Powersoft, B&G, Audiomatica, Capagnola, LiberLiber, QUID, Softec, Tiemme, IN20, QuestIT, TIME, MIDRA, KKT, EffectiveKnowledge, GeoIn, eWings, Argos, Elfi, Calamai, Collabora, Extra, Project, Negentis, Tages, NOVICROM, PCSystem, Ambrogio, etc.
  • Operators: ATAF, CTT Nord, BUSITALIA, ATAM, ..
  • Research centers: CNR (many departments as: IFAC, ISC, ISTI, ...), INFN Pisa, ..
  • Research universities: University of Torino, Università di Bologna, Università di Roma, Università di Roma La Sapienza, Università di Milano, University of Cagliari, Università Milano Bicocca, Università di Pisa, Università di Siena, IRTEM, MICC, Consorzio Milano Ricerche, University of Modena, etc.
  • Institutions: Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, ANSC Roma, Teatro alla Scala, FRD, CTFR, Teatro Napoletano, ..
  • Associations: AFI, APT, Arcipelago, SIAE, SMF, Unione Industriale Pratese, etc.
  • Foundations: FRI (Fondazione Ricerca Innovazione), ICON, AnnaMode, etc.
  • Public administrations: Comune di Firenze, City of Cagliari, Comune di Reggio Emilia, Venice di Venezia, ..


  • DISIT is involved into ISO MPEG activities since many years, in MPEG4, MPEG-21, M3W, etc.
  • DISIT personnel: Paolo Nesi and Pierfrancesco Bellini have been co-editor of the MPEG SMR part 23 of MPEG4
  • DISIT is involved into ISO Smart City standardization process.ISO/IEC JTC 1/SG 1 on Smart Cities
  • DISIT contributed and compared to a number of metadata standards as: MPEG-7, EN15907, FRBSoo, DC, VRACORE, CDWA, see http://www.disit.org/6038

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