FODD2015: Florence Open Data Day, 2015

FODD- Firenze Open Data Day
SALONE DE’ DUGENTO – Palazzo Vecchio
Piazza della Signoria, 1 Firenze




 per info mandare una email a: fodd@disit.org

Corso BigDataArc: Container Docker
Container Docker
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Corso BigDataArc: DataLake vs Data Ware House
Corso BigDataArc: DataLake vs Data Ware House
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Training Snap4City: dai dati alla Città Senziente, Smart City and IOT

Training piattaforma Snap4City (https://www.snap4city.org/577)
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Big Data & Analitycs e CyberSecurity

siamo lieti di invitarVi allo workshop "Big Data & Analitycs e CyberSecurity" che si terrà il 13 Luglio 2018 a Firenze in Piazza dell'Unità 1, presso la sede di Regione Toscana a Palazzo Cerrettani (sala 114).  Lo workshop, organizzato da Regione Toscana in collaborazione con l'Università di Pisa e l'Università di Firenze, ha la fina

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leonardo e UNIFI DISIT Lab per la Control Room di Venezia Smart City

RESOLUTE project has been completed, may 2018

RESOLUTE (Http://www.resolute-eu.org  is based on the vision of achieving higher adaptive capacity of operations in European UTS, Urban Transport Systems.
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Km4City overview and start working on it
Km4City Roadmap Data and Model Smart City Control Room Smart City API Monitoring Traffic Flow and Parking Monitoring City Users via Wi-Fi Engaging Users Via Mobile App Monitoring city Users via ...
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Select4Cities: University of Florence DISIT lab one of the winner of PCP first phase

DISIT lab of UNIFI, University of Milan and EffectiveKnowledge have been selected as a winner for Select4Cities in the PCP. Now the challenge is to propose a design the IOT/IOE solution for Helsinky, Copenhagen and Antwerp.
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First Lab, un laboratorio per progetti innovativi

Nascerà grazie all'intesa con enti e aziende e sarà un'opportunità per gli studenti Unifi

Un laboratorio tecnologico innovativo per elaborare progetti e prototipi di nuovi servizi per i cittadini della città metropolitana di Firenze.

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This deliverable presents an analysis of the dataset kinds, and the early identification, assessment and selection of actual datasets that can be used for RESOLUTE pilots. The dataset collection ...
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Corso Sistemi Distribuiti: parte 6b: Hadoop e mapreduce
Apache Hadoop Monitoring Apache HBASE Case studio
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FODD2017: piano firenze digitale CISPEL, 2017
Florence open data day 2017
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FODD2017: Open data Firenze a 5 anni dal lancio
Open data Firenze a 5 anni dal lancio
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FODD2017: @openToscana, Regione Toscana
Firenze Open Data Day 2017
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Firenze Open Data Day 2017
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FODD2017: partecipazione ed eventi sismici
Florence Open Data Day, 4 marzo 2017, Firenze
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