DISIT SmartDS, Smart Decision System: Advanced System Thinking, Decision Support System

Submitted by root on Sun, 2015-06-07 10:58

The SmartDS (Smart Decision System) of DISIT is an Advanced System Thinking solution for Decision Support System, DSS, on smart city problems and data. SmartDS is a tool presently in trial that allows you to model decision processes by using an Advances SystemThinking formalism defining weights on branches and value of the Italian Flags probabilities on processes, etc. (the application of verification and validation algorithms on data are also provided).
The SmartDS solutions has been designed to work on defining and improving DSS models in a collaborative manner and thus to create several DSS models on the data and processes of the city, via workshops, experts interview, and also direct access to Km4City data (http://servicemap.disit.org for the Florence area data). You can start by creating a decision model and using it in a given context adding data and positions etc.. Then, you can clone/copy the model or the instances of processes in another location and context, etc. Therefore, SmartDS solution allows shortening the time to make and activate decision processes, supporting and helping Decision Makers in making their job, faster and better.
Different Decision Makers can share models and solutions, but also monitor the results and the assessments.

the Access can be from

The solution is provided as a free access tool, while as a Guest user you have limited capabilities. A free registration can be also performed allowing you to create, clone, manipulate some Advanced System Thinking graphs. If you need more capabilities/rights or to you need to connect your smartcity database to the processes, it can be done, please ask to: info@disit.org