IPR Wizard and content IPR Models

IPR wizard is a DISIT Tools for manaing Conditional Access to content on the basis of a a set of possible rights defined for each content type. It has been applied to ECLAP portal and service with the usage of the tool by more than 30 partners on ECLAP and on APRETOSCANA and SMNET and DISIT.org
The IPR wizard can be used in other context and portal, to formalize the licenses and avoiding of non granting rights when a stronger right is granted to a cathegory of users. It can be also used to help content providers to formalize the license they would like to produce without addressing all tiny legal details.
The IPR Wizard can be used by portal content providers partners (affiliated or contractors). The content partners have in charge one groups/channel at which their content is associated with, any institution and/or company may get affiliated with ECLAP, for example. The groups coordinator may ask to have among its affiliated people one or more IPR Managers. The IPR Managers may use the IPR Wizard to set up permissions and restrictions about the usage of the published content on the portal and related mobile devices according to the terms of use,  that is a sort of contract from the distributor (content exploiters) and content owners.
The permissions and rights that can be granted and controlled are those reported in the Terms of Use of the portal. The IPR Manager may access to the IPR Wizard tools and facilities
  • via the his/her profile by clicking on menu item called "My IPR Models".
  • from the Edit Object of the menu Action of the objects associated to its group/channel. In that case, the IPR Wizard can be open by clicking to the IPR Wizard link in the Edit Object web page below to the object in editing. 
The main mechanisms of the IPR Wizard are based on the set up of one or more IPR Models. Any IPR Manager can create personal IPR Models to be reused on a large range of media content. An IPR Model helps the IPR Manager to define the:
  • rights/permissions intended to be granted for the different kind of users of the portal as explained and detailed in the Terms of Use and technically formalized in the DE3.1 of ECLAP.  See also some articles on DISIT.org
  • values of the European.right that have to be communicated in the EDM and/or ESE metadata set in providing them the partners content metadata.
The defined IPR Models can be used to enforce permissions/restriction and Europeana.rights values to objects by:
  • associating the IPR Model to the object with the IPR Wizard
  • uploading an object in which the IPR model is already defined in the metadata when they passed on the ECLAP Metadata Ingestion Service. 
The IPR Models defined can be changed and deleted. The changes to an IPR Model implies to change the IPR Model applied to all the object at which the model has been associated with. The delete of an IPR Model is possible only if it is not associated with objects on the system. 
You can get more information about the IPR Wizard and general model and tools to cope with IPR on ECLAP via the following documentation, while other details are on this disit.org portal: