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  • Snap4City is operative with services and data of several cities/Organizations such as: Firenze (I), Helsinki (Fi), Antwerp (B), Lonato del Garda (I), Valencia (S), Pont Du Gard (Fr), WestGreece (Gr), Mostar (Bosnia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Santiago di Compostela (S), Pisa (I), Prato (I), Pistoia (I), Lucca (I), Arezzo (I), Grosseto (I), Livorno (I), Siena (I), Massa (I), Modena (I), Cagliari (I), Venezia (I), Roma (I), etc.; and from regions as Tuscany (I), Garda Lake (I), Svealand Region (Sweden), Sardegna (I), Belgium (B), Finland (Fl), Emilia Romagna (I), Spain (S), WestGreece (Gr), Occitanie (Fr), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, etc. Most of these Organizations keep data and dashboards as private data, this means that even if you can register on them the access to those resources is decided by the owners, and thus you risk to do not see the Snap4City functionalities in place. We suggest you to make multiple registrations with different email addresses, if you like to see multiple organization data and scenarious.
  • please perform free trial registration and select "DISIT" as organization, on which you can access to a large range of data and dashboards (they are not all since most of them are private, but it is a good selection).
  • to understand full capabilities of Snap4City and Snap4Industry platform please browse the free online training and tutorial Https://
  • Platform overview
  • DISIT lab is providing consultancy on Smart City to ISPRA JRC of the European Commission, since 2019.
  • Snap4 technology is used for developing integrated sentient solutions in the domains of smart city, Industry 4.0, Smart Home, Smart Farm, Smart Health, smart retail, etc. In most cases, they are installations on premise and/or on some private/public cloud, this portal is the primary access to cloud for Smart City as a Service and trials of all the solutions. Presently there is a number of other installations of Snap4 tools as on premise, some of them are totally private other partially public. See the list of registerd third party installations of Snap4 solutions:
  • Snap4City is open to your contributions, using Snap4City tools and contributing in improving them, adding more tools and features, etc.
  • Snap4City will be happy and proud to promote your solutions and installations based on Snap4 Technology;
  • Snap4City is a Powered by FIWARE Solution
  • Snap4City is a Powered by FIWARE Platform
  • Snap4City is certified to offer FIWARE Training Services
  • Snap4City is certified to offer FIWARE Consultancy Services:
  • Snap4City as DISIT lab has two certified FIWARE Experts at your disposal.
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  • you can contact us directly on, or on social media: FacebookTwitter, etc.

Smart Cities/Industries companies need to set up a flexible Living Lab to cope with the city evolution in terms of services and city users’ needs and sustainability. Snap4 solution  (https://www.snap4city.orgprovides a flexible method and solution to quickly create a large range of smart city applications exploiting heterogeneous data and enabling services for stakeholders by IOT/IOE, data analytics and big data technologies. Snap4City applications may exploit multiple paradigms as data driven, stream and batch processing, putting co-creation tools in the hands of: (i) Smart Living Lab users and developers a plethora of solutions to develop applications without vendor lock-in nor technology lock-in, (ii) final users customizable / flexible mobile Apps and tools, (iii) city operators and decision makers specialized / sophisticated city dashboards and IOT/IOE applications for city status monitoring, control and decision support. Snap4City satisfies all the expected requirements of Select4Cities challenge PCP and much more, and it is 100% open source, scalable, robust, respects user needs and privacy; provides MicroServices and easily replaceable tools; compliant with GDPR; provides a set of tools for knowledge and living lab management, and it is compliant with more than 70 protocols including end-to-end encrypted communication, and any format. Snap4City is an official library of JS Foundation Node-RED, registered on E015, present on EOSC marketplace, and BeeSmartCity MarketPlace, etc. Snap4City obtained the 1st place award by Select4Cities partners and PCP (Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki).

Snap4City improves city services, security and safety by offering a sustainable solution for smart city and Living Lab, thus attracting industries and stakeholders. Snap4City is capable to keep under control the real time city evolution: reading sensors; computing and controlling key performance indicators, KPI; detecting unexpected evolutions; performing analytics; taking actions on strategies and alarms. Snap4City supports the city in the process of continuous innovation on services, infrastructures, with control and supervision, tools for business intelligence, predictions, anomaly detection, early warning, risk assessment, whatif analysis, also setting up strategies for increasing city resilience with respect to unexpected unknown events. Thanks to knowledge base support, Snap4City provides flexible solutions to get immediate insights and deductions of the city status and evolution, exploiting ultimate artificial intelligence, data analytics and big data technologies, activating sentient solutions collecting, and exploiting heterogeneous data of any kind, from any data source (open and private; static, real time, event driven, streams, certified and personal). 

Main guided training cases:

Snap4City is 100% open source, secure encrypted, scalable, modular and flexible, managed by DISIT Lab of University of Florence, in collaboration with other institutions and companies accepting to work on open source model; it can be used to set up Living Lab and smart city solutions satisfying a large range of requirements of city officers, citizens, and tourists to developers, companies and researchers. It can be easily integrated with in place solutions to provide from data, factors and causes, predictions, anomalies, optimizing resources and understanding social contexts and meanings of facts from data. It can be installed on cloud and on premise. This capability is obtained by enforcing the new functionalities of Snap4City tools/modules on your premise and/or exploiting them from cloud. Snap4City is based on Km4City knowledge base and smart city API, a suite of open source technologies for developing smart cities big data aggregators and analytics adopted in: Herit-Data Interreg, TRAFAIR CEF, REPLICATE EC H2020, RESOLUTE EC H2020, Sii-Mobility SCN MIUR, WEEE Life, Green Impact, 5G with Wind 3G and Estra, MOSAIC, SmartBed, SODA, and others. Snap4City added to Km4City the flexibility to set up Living Labs and co-working environments for IOT/IOE (internet of things/everything) in smart cities and industry 4.0; to use a large range of IOT devicesIOT EdgeIOT Buttons, IOT Gateways, PAXCounters, mobiles, OBU (on board unit, vehicular kit for bikes, cars and busses), social media and satellite data, and it is open to all standards and custom models. Some of these devices are also produced by Snap4City as Open hardware and Open Software.


The most innovative aspects of Snap4City solution are:

Snap4City has been 1st place Award in the Select4Cities challenges and PCP ( Select4Cities proposed a number of functional and non-functional requirements and concepts, extending those of ENOLL Living Lab Association. All the expected requirements and much more have been satisfied by Snap4City solution which is fully open source, supports cloud and scalability for processing and IOT/IOE, respects user needs and privacy according GDPR and to the different user kinds, provides tools and community for co-creation; mixt data driven, stream and batch processing; it is fully based on microservices and uses easily replaceable tools. Snap4City solution has been designed to be scalable, flexible, safe and respectful of privacy, endowed of a powerful semantic reasoner based on Km4City multi-domain semantic model and tools ( A special attention has been provided to enable the development of applications in multiple domains and not only on mobility and transport, environment, tourism, health & welfare, social, Industry 4.0, etc.  The proposed solution is flexible enough to support extensions at different levels of granularity: data, analytics, tools and applications. See the 1st place Award Snap4City received from Select4Cities at Smart City Expo World Congress.

Hugo Goncalves, Project Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki, said: "We have seen outstanding solution development in this PCP. Entrance to Phase II was tough and the successful contractors all impressed the Buyers Group by going above and beyond expectations, showing that their solutions not only meet complex technical standards and requirements but also a variety of end-user needs. In this first year of the competition, the innovation levels are very strong, and all of our contractors should be immensely proud of what they have achieved so far."

Katrien Lenaert of Digipolis Antwerp stated: "1st place has been awarded to Florence (snap4city)........the competition was really hard.... frequent changes from our parts..", ".. about Florence (snap4city) strong points as always, excellent analytics, excellent data aggregation, very strong point was the utilities on which to work and also the fact that you (snap4city) turn the criticisms in opportunities to improve the tool that made your platform better all the times. It is something that we really appreciated, ... 100% open source, ... and the fact that you (snap4city) commercialize the solution already, ..... very good feature... than again".

If you are interested in getting informed about how to have Snap4City on your city, pelase send an email to . DISIT lab of UNIFI ( coordinates the Snap4City solution with the support of UNIMI, and Snap4 srl, for services, and many other partners. Let us know if you are interested in having your space into Snap4City with a dedicated Organization which can be cities, regions, provinces, as well as areas and communities of any kind.

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