Creativity Tool: Media Crawling from Europeana Aggregators and VIMEO

The DISIT Multimedia Data Crawler is capable to crawl content/metadata and digital resources from Europeana Aggregators and directly accessible in VIMEO. Europeana only refer to metadata, while the effective files are located in the servers of the Aggregators, depending on the Europeana.right models. DISIT Multimedia Data Crawler is capable to search on Europeana and VIMEO, and to discover them and download them from the aggregators (the former content providers), allowing you to perform the query on Europeana, 25 millions of content items and on VIMEO in a unique process. The DISIT Multimedia Data Crawler is a tool for the creative industry, for teachers, and cultural institutions.  If you are interested in this DISIT tool, please contact . DISIT is the center that has developed service and portal.

Any new DISIT Multimedia Data Crawler user can:

  • perform a simple and free registration providing an email address and personal password (just to reenter on the same section you activated and created to get the results).
  • pose a query to the DISIT Multimedia Data Crawler system selecting among Europeana and/or VIMEO, selecting the business model, selecting the media kind (video, audio, document, image, 3d, etc.)
  • activating the search of media content, selecting/filtering them and ask for their deep discovering and download.
  • access to the results of the identified and downloaded media resources.

The search engine of the DISIT Multimedia Data Crawler provides an integrated set of results from which you can access to the metadata and descriptions of the digital resources accessible according to the query. The user can select them, and ask at the DISIT Multimedia Crawler to search from you on VIMEO and on the Europeana Aggregators the effetive files referred and mentioned in those objects (metadata descriptors). When the Multimedia Data Crawler identifyes and found them, they are downloaded for you and posed in a list of results for your further usage in your CrawlerCart into your space of the Multimedia Data Crawler.
Once you have started the download process, the system is going to work for you and, thus, you can leave it working for you logout from the servier. You can return back the day after or later to see and get the results by using your email and password.

If you are interested in this DISIT tool, please contact
DISIT is the same center that has developed