Embedded Boards per Internet of Things, IOT

At DISIT we have a number of embedded boards to development and set up experiements in the area of internet of things. These devices are listed in the following table.

FLUCTUS: IntelligentSensorSystem per la creazionee la gestionedi Wireless Sensor Networks (http://www.e-fluctus.com);
UDOO: mixaimigliorielementidi Raspberry Pi e Arduinoin un unicomini PC compatibileanchecon Android (http://www.udoo.org).

Intel® Galileo development board is our first product in a new family of Arduino*- compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture. The platform is easy to use for new designers and for those looking to take designs to the next level.

To create the Intel Galileo development board, Intel and Arduino have come together in a collaboration to push the boundaries of technology, innovation, and creativity. We want to inspire the inventors and creators of the world—and help foster this community of makers.