Content Processing Media Grid (AXCP)

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AXMEDIS content processing tools, DRM tools, automated content production, semantic computing. Content Processing Media Grid (AXCP) The bursting tool to automate management and processing of huge data set from metadata, document to video and cross media. Content Processing Media Grid: automates and optimizes back office activities... Social Network Management: •semantic computing •recommendations and suggestions •User Generated Content •User behaviour analysis Content and data repurposing, media computing, reformatting, any metadata management and reconciliation, ingestion, gathering, protection Content Delivering Network management: •for Web and mobile portals •for e-commerce and rights management •download •streaming •progressive and P2P Simple language for media grid computing and management Content Processing Media Grid (AXCP) •AXCP Rule Editor •AXCP Grid Node •AXCP scheduler Innovation Selected "Italia degli innovatori" Italy of innovators:… http
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Content Processing Media Grid (AXCP)
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