Content Processing Media Grid (AXCP)

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Content Processing Media Grid, AXCP, of the DISIT Lab is the result of many years of research and innovation in the area of media computing, artificial intelligence and semantic computing. The AXCP solution was initially developed within the AXMEDIS project of the European Commission ( ) and then, it has been widely developed by the DISIT Lab with new functionalities and supports. AXCP is the perfect tool to automate the media and huge data set management and processing: repurposing, adaptation, reformatting, reconciliation, etc. It automates and optimizes back office activities of: social networks (semantic computing of the recommendations, suggestions, symbolic similarities, user generated content, user behaviour analysis), content production and delivering networks (for p2p, web based, broadcast, mobile), e-commerce and digital rights management portals, content production factories, etc. The AXCP consists in a simple language for the media grid computing and related production and management tools, allowing to integrate/enforce in any architecture and workflow: artificial intelligence and semantic computing solutions. AXCP has been praised as one of the most innovative research results obtained in the last years to automate the media content management by Insight Research, in the report “Content Management for Wireless Networks, 2008-2013” This has been also confirmed by the publication IEEE Multimedia, IEEE Computer Press, in press in the 2011. AXCP is currently distributed in its light freeware version in several portals, and it is used in several portals.
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Content Processing Media Grid (AXCP)
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