Mobile Medicine

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Mobile Medicine of the DISIT Lab is a collaborative portal and mobile application ( where several tools are integrated for the production and distribution of intelligent content aiming at a continuous medical education and decision support. The Mobile Medicine intelligent content provides support: to take decisions in emergency conditions and not only, to conform to medical procedures and checklists, to assess the patients’ health conditions, to estimate the dosages of medicines, to get access to user manuals of tool and medicine indications, to access educational content items such as: video, slides, reports, images, etc. Mobile Medicine intelligent content may be directly produced by the medical personnel with a simple graphical tool; the portal can automatically prepare such content for the different platforms like Windows Mobile, PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. The solution is based on artificial intelligence technologies, semantic computing, media grid computing, social media. The decision support solution and the provided suggestions can offer support in real time. The same tools can be used to verify the procedures for the dosage estimation and as an assisting tool to abide by complex medical procedures, in day hospital acceptance, in emergency, for the access to ECMO, and other BLS, ACTL, etc. The solution allows to get access to the supporting intelligent content, even in conditions of lack of communication with the central archive. The Mobile Medicine tools allow to keep procedures and content in the mobile device automatically updated with no need for human intervention. The Mobile Medicine application for Apple devices can be downloaded at:, while other versions can be downloaded from the portal.
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Mobile Medicine
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