Smart City and Open Data Projects and tools of DISIT Lab

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More than 20 among postdocs, PhD students and fellows Current research topics • Social media, collaborative work, Mobile computing, OpenData, LOD • SmartCity, BigData, data analytics • Railway signaling, autonomous driving systems, formal methods • Cloud Computing, grid computing, smart cloud • Data Mining, Knowledge Acceleration, natural language processing Main research results • Knowledge Management and Natural Language Processing: OSIM, CoSkoSAM • Content and Protection Management, grid computing: AXMEDIS AXCP • Social Media, recommendations and tool:, MyStoryPlayer, Social Graph, IPR Wizard… • Mobile Computing: Mobile Medicine, Mobile Emergency, etc.…. • Music Transcode, winner of MIREX for piano • Awards: IEEE ICECCS, DMS, Italia degli Innovatori, etc. Main sources of funding • European Commission: ECLAP (social media, CH), AXMEDIS (DRM, protection, automation e grid computing), WEDELMUSIC, IMAESTRO, VARIAZIONI, IMUTUS, MUSICNETWORK, MOODS, MUPAAC, OFCOMP, etc. …… • Italian Ministry: Smart Cities COLL@BORA (collaborative work, social media), FIRB e PRIN • Regional: SACVAR (knowledge mining and reasoning), TRACE-IT (Railway signalling), RAISSS (Railway signalling), ICARO (cloud) • Fondations: MatchMaking (NLP), OSIM (Knowledge Acceleration, NLP) Linked Open Graph: • Sii-Mobility • SmartCityOntology Coll@bora • SACVAR and OSIM • see them it via •
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Smart City and Open Data Projects and tools of DISIT Lab
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