ICT2014: DISIT Lab, competence and project idea on bigdata knowledge modeling, OD/LD and reasoning

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DISIT Lab – one of the most active ICT labs of the University of Florence – successfully developed a number of International RnD/RIA/IA projects as well as solutions grounded on available DISIT tools for specified TRL – Publications: http://www.disit.org/5487 Tools: http://www.disit.org/5489 • Research areas: – big data, high performance distributed systems, data mining and understanding – semantic models and computing, knowledge mining and representation, ontology modelling, – artificial intelligence, natural language processing, • Techniques: data analytic, clustering, indexing and search, link discovering, regression, holistic regression, machine learning, prediction, inference, deduction, recognition, disambiguation. • DISIT solutions for: user behaviour analysis, recommendation, multilingual and cross media indexing, user and collective profiling, indoor/outdoor navigation, media synchronisation, matchmaking, audio transcoding, decision support, sentient and autonomous agents and tools, open data, linked open data. Big data issues: – Data Mining, OD harvesting reconciliation, quality improvement, decision taking, predictions, causeeffect, … Smart City Knowledge Model, KM4City – Pub on: IEEE ICECCS, SMAP2014, DMS2014, Journal of Visual Language • Sii-Mobility, largest Italian smart city project on the integration of mobility and smart city services (14 Meuro): http://www.sii-mobility.org – http://servicemap.disit.org Modeling knowledge and reasoners for: – Smart City: http://www.disit.org/5606 • Sii-Mobility – Smart Cloud: http://www.disit.org/5604 • ICARO project – Cultural heritage: http://www.disit.org/6038 • ECLAP platform and social network • Linked Open Graph service: LD/LOD open service and reasoner engine – http://LOG.disit.org – Web based reasoning tool on large RDF stores – multiple SPARQL entry points tool – E.g.: Europeana, dbPedia, OSIM, ECLAP, cultura italia, Getty, Geonames, etc. etc. – Pub on: DMS2014, Journal of Visual Language, W3C workshop Knowledge modeling and indexing for fast conceptual reasoning in space, time, … – Research challenges on • noSQL Semantic data base and indexing • Modeling of Reasoning algorithms and tools, Semantic Reasoning Languages, decision taking processes • Distributed computing solutions • Rendering and visualization tool on semantic database • Performance evaluation and assessment metrics – Application areas: • Smart city, cloud, cu
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ICT2014: DISIT Lab, competence and project idea on bigdata knowledge modeling, OD/LD and reasoning
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