A Smart Decision Support System for Smart City

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— Smart City frameworks address new challenges to improve efficiency and sustainability of services for citizens, providing additional features and allowing the city environment to adaptively configure according to collected data and information. To this aim, Decision Support Systems, DSS, have recently been acquiring increasing importance in such a context. This paper presents a Smart Decision Support System for Smart City, based on the evolution of the Analytical Hierarchical Process model, which has been integrated with the Italian Flag 3-values logic representation. Original contributes of the this work are (i) the integration of the hierarchical model and probabilistic values and their propagation in the decision tree, (ii) the capability integrating social and data processes by accessing and querying external repositories, to gather Smart City related data assisting decision makers, through the use of properly defined functions and thresholds; (iii) the system is designed as a collaborative framework, allowing multiple users to share, clone and modify models and different instances of a same model. The proposed system has been validated in real cases by exploiting decision processes on smart city services of Km4City solution in use in the Florence metropolitan area http://www.disit.org/km4city
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A Smart Decision Support System for Smart City
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