MABIDA Master Big Data: slide del corso per le parti a cura di DISIT Lab

Master MABIDA: From xml to ETL processes

Master MABIDA: Overview la componente ICT vs Big Data
Master MABIDA: Overview la componente ICT vs Big Data, 2017

MABIDA Master Big Data: from XML to Knowledge reasoningMABIDA Master Big Data:

Master MABIDA: Cloud Computing
Elements of cloud Computing Virtualization Cloud Computing High Availability vSphere Infrastructure Security on the Cloud Conversions among VM and physical machines vCenter, datacenters and cluster management How to work with Virtual Machines

MABIDA Master Big Data: Web Crawling
MABIDA Master Big Data:


MABIDA Master: RDF tools
RDF Stores Caratteristiche Inferenza Big RDF stores Linked Data Linked Open Data Linked Open Graph SPARQL Basi Estensioni Esempi da dbpedia e km4city

MABIDA Master Big Data: Twitter Motivations, case studies
MABIDA Master Big Data:

MABIDA Master: Hadoop soluzioni e modelli
Problem Scope Hadoop Hadoop Architecture HDFS MapReduce How Hadoop Works

Corso KMaPS: Smart City and Km4City @ DISIT Lab
Smart City Concepts Architecture of Smart City Infrastructures Peripheral processors Data ingestion and mining Reasoning and Deduction Data Acting processors SmartCity Project Coll@bora SmartCity Project Sii-Mobility Data Mining and smart City problematic DISIT Smart City Ontology Data ingestion and integration Service Map and Linked Open Graph Blog Vigilance via Natural Language Processing Mobile Emergency  

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