Corso BigData Arc: data analytic

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Data Analytics: Examples from Snap4City Smart parking: Predictions Smart Bike Sharing User Behavior Analysis, via Wi-Fi, OD, trajectories Recognition of Used Transportation means Traffic Flow Predictions, Traffic Flow Reconstruction, from Traffic Sensors Data Covid-19 vs other data: traffic and environmental Quality of Public Transport Service Origin Destination Matrices from: Wi-Fi, Mobile Apps, etc. Demand of Mobility vs Offer of Transportation Modal and Multimodal Routing for Navigation and Travel Planning Environmental Data Analysis and Predictions, early Warning Prediction of Air Quality Conditions Anomaly Detection What-IF Analysis Data Analytics: Enforcing and Exploiting Real Time Data Analytics: using R Studio Exploitation in IOT Applications Engaging City users Towards a Virtuous behavior Decision Support Systems, Smart DS and Resilience DS Twitter Vigilance: Social Media Analysis: Early Warning, Predictions
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Corso BigData Arc: data analytic
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