Km4City Smart City API: an integrated support for mobility services

Submitted by admin on Sat, 09/10/2016 - 20:57
The main technical issues regarding smart city solutions are related todata gathering, aggregation, reasoning, access, and service delivering via Smart City APIs (Application Program Interfaces). Aggregated and re-conciliated data (open and private, static and real time) should be exploitable by reasoning/smart algorithms for enabling sophisticated service delivering. Different kinds of Smart City APIs enable Smart City Services and Applications, while their effectiveness depends on the architectural solutions to pass from data to services for city users and operators. To this end, a comparison of the state of the art solutions for data aggregation was performed, by putting in evidence the needs of semantic interoperable aggregated data, to provide smart services. This paper presents the work performed in the context of the Sii-Mobility national smart city project on mobility and transport integrated with services. Sii-Mobility is grounded on Km4City ontology and tools for smart city data aggregation and service production. To this end, Sii-Mobility/Km4City APIs have been compared to the state of the art solutions. Finally, the API consumption related data in the recent period are presented.
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Km4City Smart City API: an integrated support for mobility services
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