DISIT lab interested EC calls on 2023-24

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DISIT Lab, University of Florence, Snap4City/Snap4Industry

Https://www.disit.org, https://www.snap4city.org

Distributed Systems and Internet Technologies Lab,

Distributed Data Intelligence and Technologies Lab

CONTACT Director: Prof. Paolo Nesi, paolo.nesi@unifi.it 

Department of Information Engineering, DINFO, University of Florence, Italy

Version: 1.2, Date: 02-03-2024

The University of Florence (UNIFI) is of the most important center for research and higher training in Italy, with more than 5000 of researchers, research assistants and PhD students.

DISIT Lab of UNIFI is the most active Big Data / AI lab of the University of Florence, metropolitan Tuscany area, and it is an official Regional Lab in Tuscany, Certified Experts of FIWARE, member of GAIA-X, EDIH Tuscany X.0, UNINFO ISO, CB-DAI of Tuscany Region, national CINI, national CNIT, national PhD on AI,  involved into IFAB, etc., and in several international boards as those of BBC.

DISIT successfully developed a relevant number of International and National research, development and innovation projects and direct contract with industries and public administrations.

DISIT Lab is strongly active on artificial intelligence (ML, generative AI, deep learning, Bert, continuous learning, etc.), Explainable AI, neuro-symbolic AI, big data, knowledge engineering, security and privacy, GDPR, Digital Twins, What-if analysis, decision support, expert systems, digital twins, NLP, LLM, big data architectures, etc. https://www.snap4city.org/944

Domains of: mobility and transport, energy, environmental, Smart City, HPC, industry 4.0, NLP for justice, computer vision, ethics AI and data, etc.

Noticeable DISIT solutions are for predictions, traffic flow reconstruction and predictions, parking/bike predictions, landslide predictions, user behavior analysis, pollutant flow predictions, recommendation, matchmaking, decision support, 15Min Indexing for cities, community of energy, 3D local and global city reconstruction, people flow, engagement, decision making systems, expert systems, predictive maintenance, early warning, anomaly detections, etc.

DISIT Lab is/has working/worked for relevant public administrations in Italy, France, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, etc. and for: ISPRA JRC of the European Commission, ANCI, Tuscany Region, Cipro ministry, etc. And for/with noticeable companies as: BBC, Eutelsat, Thales, Leonardo, TIM, ENEL, Philips, Motorola, Lutech, UNISYSTEM, ECM, Tiscali, IBM, Esseco, Italmatic, etc.

DISIT cloud infrastructure is on High availability, HA, DRS, FT, and provide a cluster of NVIDIA endowed servers for AI/ML processes at disposa of the Snap4City infrastructure and researchers/developers  

Recent Relevant Projects and Contracts:

  • TOURISMO: recently approved EC project on multisite innovative, AI, data management for tourism
  • AMMIRARE: recently approved EC project on data analytics, AI and infrastructure for climate impact on costal erosion and changes
  • CN MOST: national center on sustainable mobility in Italy
  • Tuscany X.0: EDIH of the European Commission
  • Joined Lab MORE with FFSS, Ferrovie dello Stato, Italiane
  • Herit-Data, https://herit-data.interreg-med.eu/ Interreg project for the implementation of innovative solution to better manage tourism flows impact on cultural and natural heritage sites through technologies and big data. We are the official platform for the big data collection and analysis for the areas of Florence, Mostar, Pont Du Gard, Valencia, and Greece. 
  • MOBIMART, http://interreg-maritime.eu/web/mobimart/home for the implementation of the integration of transport system, with high attention to tourism. Snap4City has been selected as a reference platform for Tuscany area.
  • Snap4City PCP of Select4Cities, which has generated the Snap4City platform presently on EOSC

(European Open Science Cloud) Https://www.snap4city.org (Coordinated by DISIT Lab, Paolo Nesi). A platform for smart city IOT as a service, what-if analysis, also implementing IOT Applications, IOT data analytic, dashboard, end-2-end secure IOT platform, etc. Which passed two PENTESTs performed by two major companies in Europe (Thales, Setek), and it has been qualified the Winner of PCP of Select4Cities.  Digital Twin: https://digitaltwin.snap4city.org/

  • REPLICATE EC H2020 SCC1 Lighthouse project https://replicate-project.eu/  development of Smart City Control Room in Florence metro Area. Today operative the solution has been totally based on Snap4City and Km4City solutions of DISIT Lab. The project as a wall has also produced solutions and pilots for energy management of building, e-taxi, etc. Control Room: https://www.snap4city.org/drupal/node/531  
  • RESOLUTE EC H2020 DR7 project http://www.resolute-eu.org/  Resilience of Urban transport System (Coordinated by DISIT Lab, Paolo Nesi). Big data Driven critical infrastructure resilience for the development of the European Guidelines of Critical Infrastructure Resilience of cities and in particular on transport systems. The solution has been based on the exploitation of data in the city area and produce hints by using a large number of data analytics for people flow prediction and analysis, evacuation paths, early warning, Twitter data sentiment analysis, social media alerting, etc.
  • TRAFAIR CEF, https://trafair.eu/ for the implementation of predictive models for environmental data such as NOX with particular attention to the pollution produced by: traffic, heating, etc.
  • MOSAIC smart mobility solutions, models and tools for: (i) the analysis and matching between the offer of transportation and demand of mobility based on census data, tourism, city facilities, etc.; (ii) connected drive solutions; (iii) prediction on parking and multimodal hubs;
  • Snap4Ispra contract with ISPRA JRC of European Commission for study and implementation of Snap4City solution on ISPRA plant and village of the EC.
  • Cyprus Smart City Strategy plan.
  • Other former EC projects: AXMEDIS, WEDELMUSIC, WEEE Life, Life project on RAE, etc. 
  • Sii-Mobility SCN smart city national project http://www.sii-mobility.org/  of MIUR (Italian ministry of research) (Coordinated by DISIT Lab, Paolo Nesi), for developing a unified mobility and transport infrastructure and solution for sustainable mobility, smart parking, dynamic traffic shape, matching demand and offer, etc. This platform produced the Km4City ontology, today well known (https://www.km4city.org  )
  • Other former national projects: Collabora, TesysRail, etc. 
  • Other Regional projects: AMPERE, Feedback, Enterprise, Soda, … GreenField, 5G, LAID (on Smart BEDs), Trace-IT, RAISS, ALTARI Soda, Almafluida Italmatic, etc.

Active Infrastructures, Achievements and Services 

 Snap4City is

    • An official solution and platform and solution of FIWARE


    • Italy: Firenze (I),Lonato del Garda (I),Pisa (I),Pistoia (I), Lucca (I), Arezzo (I), Grosseto (I), Livorno (I), Siena (I), Massa (I), Modena (I), Cagliari (I), Venezia (I), Roma (I), Prato (I), Merano, Cuneo.
    • Europe: Helsinki (Fi), Antwerp (B), Valencia (S), Pont Du Gard (Fr), WestGreece (Gr), Mostar (Bosnia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Santiago di Compostela (S), Sweden (Svealand Region), etc.;  
    • regions as Tuscany (I), Garda Lake (I), Sardegna (I), Belgium (B), Finland (Fl), Emilia Romagna (I), Spain (S), WestGreece (Gr), Occitanie (Fr).

DISIT lab is an official trainer and consultant of FIWARE

  • Snap4City is certified to offer FIWARE Training

Services: https://marketplace.fiware.org/pages/solutions/03bccd83a0e1b0398ba7a0bf

  • Snap4City is certified to offer FIWARE Consultancy

Services: https://marketplace.fiware.org/pages/solutions/907f5ecc63927f643dd8421b

  • DISIT Lab, which is operating Snap4City, has two FIWARE Certified Experts: P. Nesi, P. Bellini


Coordinator of DISIT lab

Prof. Paolo Nesi (Male) (https://www.disit.org/nesi ). He is full professor since 2001, conducted a period in the IBM research labs in Almaden (California). For two years he has been included in the first 15 researchers at international level in the Software Engineering area, the unique Italian. Its research skills include: artificial intelligence, big data, security and privacy, distributed systems technologies, cloud systems, knowledge engineering, etc. He has been member many international conference committees and editor in international publications and journals. Paolo Nesi published more than 400 articles in international journals and congresses and has been chair and/or programme chair of: IEEE SC2, IEEE ICSM, IEEE ICECCS, DMS, AXMEDIS, WEDELMUSIC, CSMR, and program committee member of IEEE ICSE, IEEE ICECCS, IEEE ICSM, IEEE METRICS, DMS, ICSOFT, DATA, SPIE, SEKE, WEDELMUSIC, IIMS, SEW, Virtual Content, IFIP, and others. Prof. Paolo Nesi is full professor of Distributed Systems, and of Big Data Architectures at University of Florence, in degrees and PhD Courses. Prof. Paolo Nesi has been PI of large European research and innovation projects, like: Snap4City, RESOLUTE, ECLAP, AXMEDIS, MOODS, I-MAESTRO, WEDELMUSIC, MUSICNETWORK and main responsible for the Department in many other European Projects, like AMMIRARE, TOURISMO, REPLICATE, MOBIMART, HERITDATA, WEEE, ICCOC, MUPAAC, VISICON, OPTAMS, IMUTUS, and IMEASY. And of many industrial large projects such as Sii-Mobility, Ampere, Soda, Enterprise, Collabora, Feedback, ICARO CLOUD, TRACE-IT, RAISSS, SACVAR. He is an official expert, trainer and consultant of FIWARE. He has been coordinator of the Ad-Hoc Group for ISO MPEG-SMR standard and co-author of the ISO MPEG-SMR. Prof. Paolo Nesi is coordinator and responsible of the DISIT Lab of the University of Florence (https://www.disit.org), and he is in the Advisory or/scientific boards of BBC, IFAB, CB-DAI (Center for big data and AI) of Tuscany, scientific committee member of national course on AI PhD, CINI smart city, and of a number of EC projects and actions.

Publications: https://www.disit.org/5487  

Interested calls:

    • Disaster-Resilient Society 2023 (HORIZON-CL3-2023-DRS-01)
    • Increased cybersecurity 2023 (HORIZON-CL3-2023-CS-01)
    • Twin Green and Digital Transition 2024 (HORIZON-CL4-2024-TWIN-TRANSITION-01)
    • Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D6)
    • Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D2)
    • Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D4)
    • Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D3)
    • other Mobility, Climate and Energy related topics
    • Research and innovation on cultural heritage and CCIs (HORIZON-CL2-2024-HERITAGE-01)
    • A sustainable future for Europe (HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS-01)

CONTACT Director: Prof. Paolo Nesi, paolo.nesi@unifi.it